OZ Arts Magazine – Seaside Rendezvous

By April 15, 2020News

THE RANGES TO THE WEST had taken on an orange glow and the red sun was setting earlier and earlier. Smoke claimed the purpling skies and fires raged up and down the coast. All summer long a sinister backdrop of flames framed the seaside town of Bermagui.

Then on New Year’s Eve, the people of Cobargo went down to the water as the beach became the only safe refuge. When the town’s fresh water supply was shut off, everyone in Bermagui was evacuated to somewhere else, and the few who managed to stay in town got by on bottled water and stale bread, with no power, no supplies, and the continual threat that the carnage wasn’t done yet – the fires were coming back.

As flames licked the forest and touched backyards on the edges of Bermagui,… Read the full article HERE