The Triangle – SCULPTURE Bermagui rises to the challenge

By April 20, 2020News

Art in the Triangle

SCULPTURE Bermagui rises to the challenge A picture-perfect day, sunny yet not hot, the breeze is gentle. Families, couples, individuals and dogs are very contentedly strolling on the headland with the protective gaze of Gulaga. What better way to experience SCULPTURE Bermagui than against this stunning backdrop?

It seemed a lifetime away from the way we were all feeling just a few months ago when bushfires threatened our little township. Artistic events like this are even more important now as they bring people together to think about life and beauty, and offer a brief escape from some of life’s more mundane realities. They say art has a fundamental role in uplifting and enhancing our existence and I could feel it working its magic on me over the eight days of SCULPTURE Bermagui.

And there were so many people … the cafés were buzzing, the roads were packed, not a car space in sight. The parks hosted children a-plenty and the beaches were beautiful, clean and welcoming. It was a very satisfying sight. Thankfully, visitors were making their way back here.

SCULPTURE Bermagui President Paul Payten said there was no question of postponing the event. ‘We came through the fires unscathed, so let’s celebrate and give our artists and community something exciting to focus on.’ Many local artists and volunteers had been impacted by the bushfires, and some unfortunately were unable to contribute. However, the event has brought many visitors to this beautiful seaside town and this year the committee trusted it would ‘nurture the soul of the community and help it move forward’. It did.

Congratulations to the SCULPTURE Bermagui committee and hardworking volunteers.Another record-breaking event, in spite of the unprecedented challenges our region faced. We need people like you to make us take a step back, slow down and appreciate the beauty that art has to offer. It helps to sooth, calm and refocus our minds and souls.

Debbie Worgan