Artist’s Talk

The Artist’s Talk on Monday 14th March will feature the following Artists

Danja Derkenne

Danja Derkenne, a Finnish-Australian, is a post graduate of the National Art School, Sydney. She holds a Master of Fine Arts, a Master of Arts, a Master of Research, a Bachelor of Arts, and a Diploma of Art Education, from various universities. Her primary medium is mild steel sculpture and plasma cutting in steel sheet, but she is also known for her clay work, painting and drawing.

She is a published book illustrator and the winner of many awards, including the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery Prize, Sustainable Art Prize, Ryde, 2019, UNE prize for Australian Literature Studies, First in Course, English, Barbara Knox Prize for literary ability, Macquarie University, AHIS Prize for first in course, English, Macquarie University.

Her exhibitions include:

  • Inhalare / breathe upon Dubbo exhibition 2021
  • Petana Sculpture Exhibition, Milton 2020
  • Bermagui Sculpture Exhibition 2021
  • Gallery Lane Cove 2018 (solo exhibition)
  • National Arts School Masters Exhibition 2019
  • Numerous group shows on the NSW North Coast, Bellingen, Coffs Harbour (solo exhibition)
  • Yellow Shed, Bellingen

Her work is also held in private collections in Australia, United Kingdom and Singapore. Her work has been used as outdoor and indoor sculpture, book illustrations, Annual Report covers by major Australian companies, album covers and newspaper and magazine illustrations.

Danja was an Art and English teacher at many government schools in Bourke, the NSW North Coast and Sydney, including private schools such as Ascham, PLC and SCEGGS.

Danja has taught photography and pottery to HSC level students, and has been the tutor for many tertiary level courses, including adult education courses run by Griffith University. She was a primary contributor to a community book detailing the ravages of the 2019-2020 Summer Fires on the NSW South Coast.

Boyd McMillan

Born in Melbourne, Australia and lived in all states of the east coast. I have continued a dual career as artist and landscape architect. I work in painting and drawing, pastels and sculpture.

I studied art at the Darling Downs CAE in Toowoomba Queensland and graduated in painting in 1976. During my studies I was fortunate to meet and be taught by Paul Selwood and William Robinson.

While still at art school I began to present solo exhibitions in a range of two- and three-dimensional media from 1974 and created many installations and sound sculptures in the buildings and grounds of the campus.

I have continued to make and exhibit art as part of a dual career as artist and landscape architect to the present day and have sold work to clients around Australia and overseas.

I grew up with Chinese ink and watercolour paintings and East Asian art and literature continues to be a major influence on me in terms of subject, approach and aesthetic. I frequently walk and draw in natural areas and seek to make art that presents natural subjects in new and thoughtful contexts. I continue to discover new examples of this in the work of others but the writings of Matisse, Guo Xi and Wu Guanzhong have guided me in this approach.

An abiding interest in myth has led me to explore metamorphosis in sculpture that presents new ways of looking at natural forms and forces that may gently challenge thought and consideration.

My artwork is a direct response to the experience and emotion of bush walking and my personal study of other artists’ practise and philosophy.

The ink drawings are the most direct and reflect the initial reaction to the bush. I have developed a lifestyle of frequently walking in natural areas. The drawings help me to more fully experience and describe my response to places, their rhythms and the rocks and the plants and animals found in them.

Scale and point of view is important in my interpretation of the landscape. How monumental scale, perspective and point of view influence the experience of the landscape.

The use of ink drawn with found objects assists in establishing direct and unpredictable marks to build on using ink wash and watercolour.

Most work has a substantial base outdoors and is finished in the studio. I enjoy the subtlety and strength of ink and the direct colour of pastel and watercolour.

Sculpture is developed intuitively from the these experiences and as a way of exploring conceptual ideas about change.


  • 2018 Ruff Commission “Buona Sera quattro”
  • 2017, Laucht Commission, “Waratahs Pagodas”
  • 2017, Kostyrko Commission, “Fire Tree”


  • 2019 Solo show Gallery One 88 Fine Arts
  • 2019 The Other Art Fair Barangaroo Sydney
  • 2019 The Other Art Fair Sydney
  • 2019 Digital exhibitor The Tokyo International Art Fair

Edward Willson

Edward is an award winning sculptor who lives in Bermagui on the Far South Coast of NSW. He works in a variety of mediums but finds his greatest passion in stone, mainly granite and marble.

Grants & Awards

  • 2020 – Sculpture Bermagui Business Award
  • 2020 – South East Arts Grant
  • 2019 – The Sculptor Society Sensory Prize
  • 2019 – Emerging Artist Award, Sculpture on the Clyde
  • 2014 – ANU School of Arts Residency
  • 2013 – Ivy Hill Award, Sculpture Bermagui


  • Sculpture Bermagui, March 2016-2022
  • Sculpture on the Clyde, August 2019-
  • Sculpture in the Gardens, October 2019 Mudgee
  • Ivy Hill Gallery, Solo Exhibition, November 2017, Wapengo NSW
  • Canberra Grammar School, October 2017, ACT
  • Sculpture on the Clyde, August 2017, Batemans Bay NSW
  • Lake Light Sculpture, 2017, 2016, Jindabyne NSW
  • Sculpture on the Edge, 2008-2016, Bermagui NSW
  • Hidden, Rookwood Cemetery Sculpture, September 2015
  • ANU School of Arts end of residency exhibition, October 2014, Canberra ACT
  • Love and Desire, July 2014, Spiral Gallery, Bega NSW
  • Petana Gardens, September 2014, Milton NSW
  • Metamorphosis, August 2012, Spiral Gallery, Bega NSW
  • Ivy Hill Gallery, November 2012, Wapengo NSW
  • The Footy Show, Bega Regional Gallery July 2010
  • Permaguea, Soulique March 2010, Bermagui NSW
  • Erotic Art Exhibition February 2009, Cobargo NSW
  • Rode Road ATVP Gallery, October 2008, Newtown Sydney