Artists’ Talk Saturday 14 March

From 11.00am, attendees will be greeted with morning tea and settled into the ambience of beautiful coastal country.

Our first speaker will be Anneke Paijmans, with a Q&A session to follow:
My philosophy: I work with what is around me, and I am inspired by what is around me – I am not an ambitious artist who wants to get out and make it in the world, much to the frustration of teachers and gallery owners.
I love being a local artist, there is plenty of sustenance right here in our part of the world. The Sculpture Bermagui show being a great example.
My work is mostly ceramics at present, though I was a painter before that, and a printmaker before that.
Ceramics allows me to explore abstraction and expression without being unduly self-conscious, it is fun and things happen. There is nevertheless a great deal of hard work involved, but once I am inspired that is all part of the process, unquestioned and welcome.
I have shown in the Sculpture Bermi show every year I think since the beginning. The work I have shown is mostly smoke fired ceramics, creatures of land and oceans.
I bisque fire, then smoke the pieces with a mix of fuels – sawdust, leaves, seaweed etc after laying a slip-pattern on that later washes off, revealing where smoke penetrates the ceramic around the masked areas.

Then, Hugh Burrell will offer his presentation and again, the chance to quizz him on points of interest:
The artist and performer has been creating since he was born. Of late, he has turned his creative pursuits to designing staging and décor for some of Australia’s premier festivals, including, Defcon#1 & Burning Seed. A great artwork starts with an idea and Hugh is never short of those. With crystal clear vision and tenacity he turns his concepts into larger than life sculptures that delight and amaze the audience. Hugh is dedicated to living and working sustainably, using found objects and recycled materials in his artworks.

A light lunch will then be served with a glass of wine or other beverage of choice, allowing time to digest how art lives through sculpture.

Lastly, Michael Purdy will present his ideas, experience and aspirations followed by questions:
Michael Purdy studied landscape architecture at UNSW in the eighties, but after building his own landscape designs in Sydney for fifteen years, he moved to the south coast in 2003 to become a full-time sculptor.
The timing of this decision was in hindsight excellent and to the surprise of himself and many around him, he managed, without formal training, to build a career in the arts.
Exposure through Bondi Sculpture by the Sea, (where he has exhibited ten times since 2002) was important in his success, as was a consistent run of awards, including most recently the 2016 University of Western Sydney Sculpture Prize, the 2018 Wollongong Acquisitive Sculpture Award and the 2019 Kangaroo Valley Sculpture Prize.
Throughout this strange ride he has been impressed by the generosity and support of his fellow sculptors and collaborators and is constantly grateful to be a part of something that celebrates originality, experimentation, intuition and the joys of being an old dog learning new tricks.


The event will round up about 2.00

Please make your booking HERE and we look forward to seeing you at Mystery Bay.

Thanks for joining us.

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Sculpture Bermagui, one of the region’s top five flagship events, is held over 10 days each March in the village of Bermagui on the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales, in the middle of magnificent forests, fields, beaches and headlands.

Beautiful Dickinson Point headland and foreshore host the outdoor works and other sculpture centred activities, as well as music and fire spectacles. The indoor works are curated in the nearby Community Centre to enable their appreciation, out of the elements.

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