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We welcome all volunteers in a wide range of roles—we simply couldn’t put the event on without our wonderful volunteers.

People choose to volunteer with Sculpture Bermagui for a variety of reasons. Some want to make new friends, some are keen to give something back to the community, some want to learn something new or build on existing experience and knowledge. For others, it provides an opportunity to have fun with friends, neighbours and Bermagui visitors.

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There are several roles for Sculpture Bermagui volunteers, most are only required for the 12 days around the exhibition, in mid-March each year:

1. Greeters welcome visitors and ensure they have the information they need to enjoy the exhibition <find out more>
2. Artist Care support the sculptors in a variety of ways, and engage visitors with the works on exhibition <find out more>
3. Sales Volunteers sell art works, support other volunteers and keep the technology working <find out more>
4. Overnighters help us keep the outdoor sculptures safe overnight <find out more>
5. Event Team assist with installing both the indoor and outdoor sculptures <find out more>
6. Organising Committee support the development of the exhibition all year round <find out more>

Come and join us to help run this popular annual exhibition—you won’t regret it! You can be involved in an area that best suits you.

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator,  and set up a chat about how to get involved.

This is an active greeting role at both the Headland and the Surf Club information areas. You will warmly welcome visitors, explain access to online catalogue, provide information about other events and activities, and count and record visitor numbers. Training and ongoing support will be provided.

Artist Care
This role provides a unique opportunity to learn more and share information about the sculptors and their sculptures. Requiring specific training, you would help with receiving the art, meet available artists, and share what you learn with visitors through the exhibition.

Sales Volunteers
There is one Sales Volunteer on every shift at both the Surf Club and on the Headland. They are responsible for sculpture sales, associated technology and providing support for all volunteers, helping to ensure things run smoothly every day.

This is an overnight ‘caretaker’ role for the outdoor sculptures on the Headland and adjacent to the Surf Club. Most Overnighters will bring their own caravan or camper, and will engage with visitors until bedtime, providing a warm welcome and any information they need. Being an overnighter gives you and or your family a great opportunity to stay right by Horseshoe Bay with excellent views and the soothing sound of the waves. On very rare occasions there may be a need to respond to unexpected noise or rowdy activity. One $25 voucher will be provided each shift for food/beverages at Bermagui Beach Hotel, courtesy of their sponsorship. Training and ongoing support will be provided.

Event Team
Join a team of enthusiastic and ‘handy’ people who work together to present the exhibition safely and accessibly. With guidance from the Event Manager and the artists, the team installs, maintains and, at the end of the exhibition, removes the event facilities and sculptures. Training and ongoing support will be provided.

Organising Committee
Contact the Volunteer Coordinator to set up a time to discuss your interests and upcoming vacancies.